Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Filing an automotive hail damage claim will not increase your insurance premium!

Many Insurance policy holders are reluctant to file a claim for damages to their vehicles caused by hail storms Many of these policy holders never even file a claim for fear of their insurance company increasing their premium. This is an absolute falsehood no matter what anyone tells you. It is unlawful for any insurance company to raise, or threaten to raise any single individuals insurance premium due to an "Act of God". Hail damage is considered an "Act of nature", and is covered under the comprehensive section of your policy. King of the Ding of Austin is an approved provider for all major insurance companies and is able to handle every aspect of your claim to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to pre-damaged condition. We are locally owned and operated at 12307 Roxie Dr Ste 108 Austin, TX 78759 .  Got a ding? Call the King!

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  1. Thanks for the information. I thought hail damaged is covered up by insurance.. now you gave me a piece of info. And well, knowing that fact, I should consult more on my Austin auto insurance.