Sunday, August 15, 2010

Environmentally Aware Austinites Consistently Choose Paintless Dent Repair Over Traditional Auto Body Repair and Painting. Austinites Cite The Benefits To The Environment, Cost Associated and Vehicle Repair Time, As Just A Few of the Driving Factors for Choosing The Paintless Dent Repair Alternative...

Large Dent Repair Performed at King of the Ding.
 Just five years ago this type of repair would never have been considered for  paintless dent repair.
King of the Ding continues to push the boundaries of paintless dent repair with new techniques.

Paintless Dent Repair is a new phenomenon that has taken the auto body repair industry by storm. The benefits to local Austinites, auto insurance companies and the environment are quickly being realized.

It used to be that when your vehicle was damaged by a rogue shopping cart or a pulled golf shot (fore left!), you only had two options. Either pay an auto body shop to grind, sand, and paint your damaged panel or just try to live with it.

 Paintless dent repair is the only cost effective and time saving way to have your vehicle restored to pre-damaged condition while restoring your vehicles value and appearance. Repair cost in the hundreds can be reduced to as little as $75.00 for a small door dent.

Paintless dent repair is also helping the environment. Every year, millions of body panels are being repaired by the paintless method instead of repainting them. The Paintless process contributes to the reduction of harmful vapors and paint waste being introduced into the environment.

Insurance Companies world wide have embraced Paintless dent repair as the prefered method of repairing damage caused by hail storms.The paintless process has reduced the cost and time associated with these types of repairs, which saves the insurance industry billions. Paintless dent repair also restores your vehicles value unlike traditional auto body repair which lowers the value of your vehicle.

King of the Ding is Austin's Premier paintless dent repair shop . We are located 12307 Roxie Dr. Suite 108 Austin, TX. 78729 (512-257-8306). King of the Ding Has been performing top quality repairs since 1998. Our master technicians complete door ding and dents while you wait, in our comfortable waiting area equipped with flat screen tv's and free Wifi internet access. Most hail damaged vehicles are repaired in 1-3 days. All our repairs come with a written lifetime warrant and a 100% Money back quality guarantee. Please visit for more details.

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