Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beware of people who approach you in parking lots offering to "fix" your dents!

Bad dent repair. Cracked paint. This dent will now need to be repaired and repainted. It would have been an easy repair for a qualified paintless dent repair technician.

The economy is tough, and people are looking for the cheap" fix" but it can end up costing you more to undo that  cheap "fix". There are scam artist all over the country, cruising parking lots looking for dented vehicles and offering to repair your vehicle on the spot and on the cheap. This investigative report will give you insight into what to look for and hopefully help you make a good decision on where to have your vehicles dent and dings repaired. These tips should aid you in choosing a reputable repair provider.

1. Always use a company with a verifiable address
2. Never have work performed without an estimate or work order.
3. Write down the name and tag number of the person approaching you.( useful for police)
4. Call the phone number and verify that the individual you are speaking with is an actual employee of the company they are representing.
5. Use your good judgement. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
6. If referred to a website by the individual, call any phone number listed and verify their identity.

If you are in Austin Texas, King of the Ding is located at 12307 Roxie Dr Austin, TX 78729. Call 512-257-8306 for a free estimate or just stop by, we are hear to help.

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