Monday, November 30, 2015

Hail Damage and Collision Claims Process Explained

A) The unfortunate accident or act of nature damages your vehicle.

B) Customer calls insurance company and notifies them the incident and date of loss.

C) The insurance company shedules an appointment to come to the customers location or the insurance company's own brick and mortor claims drive thru to perform an initial estimate of covered damages. In the event of a extreme weather event such as a hail storm, the insurance company may direct the insured to a temporay structure ( tent or strusture usually centered near the event) called a claims drive thru to provide an initial estimate of repairing the insurds vehicle. Note: During an extreme weather event and proceeding insurance company response the estimate provided to the insured are almost never a true reflection of actual damages because of the nature of these types of events. Meaning the insurance companies main objective is to get an estimate in the insureds hands so they can take this estimate to the body shop or their choosing to begin the repair process. Initial insurance estimates often don't include a thurough review of the damages due to time constraints and the number of claims that the insurance company needs to write during these types of events. In short the estimate will be incomplete according to national averages and must be corrected by the repairer in the form of a supplement. The insurance company may also direct the insured to a "preferred shop", one that the insurance company has made arrangements with to provide the insurance company discounts on labor and/or parts to provide this initial estimate.These "preferred shops" often pose as representatives of the insurance company in an obvious effort to persuade you to leave you car at thier shop for the repairs. Your right to choose is protected by Texas Code, so any attempt at making you believe your car must be left at the place where your insurance company directed you to recieve your initial estimate for repairs is illegal. Be sure to ask your claims adjuster for a rental car authorization number if you are paying for it in your policy at this meeting. Your shop of choice will need it to arrange your rental car

D) Once you have recieved an intial estimate you may proceed to your shop of choice to begin the repair process.
     1. The auto body repairer will review the insurance companies estimate and make sure that all damage or repair operations are included in the initial estimate, National averages show that 80% of all intitial estimates provided by all insurance companies are supplemented. Meaning there are almost always missing repair operations that will have to be supplemented with you insurance company before those repairs or labor operations can begin.
     2. The body shop arranges for your rental vehicle for the estimated duration of your repairs if needed.

E) Repairs begin
     1) A body shop should update you frequently while your repairs are underway.

     2) You will be phoned or emailed when repairs are completed and your repaired vehicle is cleaned ready to be given back to you (delivery).

     3) You should inspect the repair area for repair quality before taking delivery of your vehicle

     4) At the delivery you should receive your final invoice and any warranties from your repaired and be on you way back to your busy life,

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